Vanuatu Helicopters

VH_CMYKVanuatu Helicopters were established in 2006 in Port Vila. Garden City Helicopters are the new owners of Vanuatu Helicopters since 2012. Garden City Helicopters is widely respected as one of New Zealand’s premier helicopter operators, servicing all aspects of tourism and charter flights, air ambulance and rescue operations and commercial flying services as well as further expansion into fixed-wing aircraft charter operations. Garden City Helicopters have an enviable 30+ years of incident free flying and the highest aviation safety standards and records. Those high standards are now replicated and introduced to the Vanuatu Helicopters operation. Apart From commercial lifting work, aerial filming and photography, property inspections & medical evacuations, Vanuatu Helicopters offers scenic flights, day tours, adventure packages and resort transfers. We are based on the Seawall next to the craft market in Port Vila and also at the International Airport. We currently operate 1 Robinson 44 helicopter with seating capacity for three passengers plus pilot, and one R66 helicopter which seats 4 passengers + pilot.

Important Information:

  • All flights are subject to carrying a minimum of two passengers
  • Gift vouchers available
  • Airport transfers
  • Medical evacuations available
  • Flights can be subject to weather conditions

Charter Rate

Robinson R44: 120 000 vatu per hour plus VAT (VAT is the same as GST).

Robinson R66: 140,000 vatu per hour plus VAT.

Safety Standards

Vanuatu Helicopters abides by New Zealand Civil Aviation rules and regulations. We operate under VCAA rules and all aircraft are fitted with spidertracks.


Vanuatu is a popular destination for weddings, it is not uncommon for resorts to have three weddings in one day, plus there are specialist wedding planners with their own locations. For weddings we can offer aerial transport of the bride or bridal party, quick access to locations for photos, and the option of petal drops from the air. For more information contact us at

Property Investment Flights

We have an arrangement with a local real estate company. The flight will be refunded if the proposed property viewed from the helicopter is purchased, the flight will be refunded. For more information contact us at

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